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"When Erik showed me some of the footage (we don’t have time to view dailies on our rapid shooting schedule), I became a bit scared that we didn’t have a film, that so much of the footage was unusable that we’d end up with an incoherent 35-minute film. That’s when Erik went to work.

Employing hard work and ingenuity (and probably a whole lot of witchcraft!), Erik gradually began to use that footage to tell the story of 'Midget Zombie Takeover.' Scenes where the dialogue was almost incomprehensible suddenly became audible. Scenes that were so dark that it was nearly impossible to tell what was going on were suddenly clear. Scenes that were seemingly going to be awkward or awful because of the lack of takes were suddenly flowing nicely. I was amazed!

After many months the film began to take form, thanks to Erik. While there are still some of the earmarks of a small-budget film in the final edit (dialogue that is a little low in a couple spots, minor lighting snafus, etc.), the film has proven to be very watchable and very enjoyable for the audiences who have seen it."
-- Glenn Berggoetz, Writer, Director, Producer, Filmmaker- Driving With Our Eyes Shut

"I was in contact with another company, when I decided to hire you.  I found you to be knowledgeable, accessible, professional & friendly.  You also had good ideas on how to improve the project.  That's why I decided against the other.  And after the project was underway, you were great at keeping me informed of your progress & met deadlines, which was appreciated (especially given my time constraints).  I was confident you would deliver on time."
-- Kristen S., Client-video project